Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thunder and Lightning!

The Storm is here! It is crazy, lightning and thunder all over the place. Love it! The windows are shaking and the rain is pounding on our ceiling... love love love it!
I haven't kept up with this in a while. Let's see this weekend was quite busy we had to plan an activity every day. We had an Ultimate Frisbee game, Bonfire(with ghost stories), the rodeo plus a barn dance, and on sunday water games, and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid.

Funny story: At the Rodeo right before I had to sing... I was given permission by my boss to ride his dirtbike to go get something. But the first time I have ever messed up on a dirtbike sadly, I barely hit his truck with the bike. Ha ha. The only thing that was hurt was my CTR ring. It was smashed to the point that it was cutting off circulation to my finger. Oh joy! ha ha. I sang the National Anthemn with my finger swelling like a balloon. Then after they used plyers to twist it the other way, causing it to get smaller. So with the help of lots of lotion and 3 people I was able to get it off my finger. Now the ring fits my pinky. :)

I went to church on Sunday. I liked it a lot because they 2 Elders serving in their ward spoke. They talked all about being positive. I am realizing here at this resort if you aren't happy, nobody's happy. If you keep a positive attitude and focus on the good things on life then you will keep moving forward. If you are negative, you just sit still in a spot of boringness and frusturation. So I choose to be happy.
I met this nice lady from Belgium & France. Since I work at the buffet as front hostess, I see everyone come in for dinner. This lady and I became great friends. She wants to exchange living places, ha ha. She is probably 60 years old, not married, and she loves to travel. We exchanged emails and she wants me to come visit her. Or she wants to come visit California. She lifted my day up so much. The people you meet and bond with really do surprise you at this place.
I have made some really great friends here and I love it. 2 of them Kiersten and Natalie are planning on living in Hawaii with me in the winter, along with Karaska. I am saving up money to do it, and I am so excited.
Today I went ATVing, that was a kick.
I really do love this place and all it adventures I am coming across.
Oh yeah and I dyed my hair Dark Chocolate Brown! Surprise! ha ha. I love it. My hair was pretty much orange because the other color went out, so I wanted something new.

I am coming home on the 10th of June to the 17th...so I am way pumped to see everybody that is home! I have missed you all dearly.

I am going to try to attach pictures to this post, we will see how it goes.
Well I love my family, and friends, and everybody just so you know.
Remember to love life always and the gifts you are given.


  1. sorry to hear about your CTR ring, but glad to hear you looking at the positive side and that you are able to wear it on your pinky. WHat is this about HAWAII!!! Hello!!! WHen did you decide this?

  2. Congrats on your new leaf!!!! I am proud that Jonathan is quoted in your blog! Glad your adventures are grand!!!!!