Monday, May 18, 2009

Heigh Ho...Heigh's off to work I go...

I had my first day on the job for being a hostess. I greet people and hand them a cup before they go in the buffet line. Oh yeah and I take their money. :) Apparently friendly conversation gets you tips, not too shabby. Except you split it amongst the cooking staff so by the time it gets back to me, i can get a lollipop. ha ha.
Imagine having to drive 45min-1 hour to drive to church. Yep that is what we did. I love church so it is definitely worth it. Time flys by when you are with girls and singing EFY music at the top of your lungs. I think all of Zion knows that we love heavenly father! It was Stake Conference, and it was packed. I thought our Stake Conference back home was large, surprisingly these little towns are full with mormons.
Then in order to enjoy the Lord's beauty on the sabbath, we took a 4 hour hike into the park. I will post pictures hopefully tonight. Observation point is beautiful! Then I know you all know, I am not so much a runner. I despise running. Well... we ran half of the way back. And I loved it. Ok, mainly because it was mostly downhill. But I loved it. I don't think I can ever say I had an experience in my life where I loved in that much.
We had a small planning session last night for Memorial Day weekend. We are having a rodeo and barn dance. I get to learn all the line dances this week, that way I can teach everyone else. Also on friday night a bonfire, and a night hike. Loving it!
I don't know if any of you have seen the old movie Sabrina, but I watched it Sunday night and i loved it. It was a little weird at first, but I recommend it. And no I do no mean Sabrina the teenage witch.
Today being Monday, I woke up at 7:30am for our Event Planner meeting. Then had breakfast and got cracking. I took a couple on a tour of the resort with the help of one of our managers. I am still learning the ropes around here. That was an hour long. Then from 10am-12:40pm... I did pool duty! Woohoo. I checked the levels of the the pH and chlorine, and temperature. The best part was the upper pool had been closed and completely dirty. Well today was the day to open it. So I had to vaccuum and get all the gorgeous little buggys off. Funny thing is, I enjoyed it. Weird huh?
I have not had a job yet that I do not like. Tonight I go into town to go shopping for Memorial Day weekend. That is about an hour and half to get there. Yippee!
I apologize I do not have pictures yet to be attached with my blogs. Eventually I will put them up, I promise.
Working the pool has it's funny moments. Two days ago Hailey and I were cleaning the pool and there was this wasp that decided to sit down right on the edge as we were cleaning the bugs. I had this brilliant idea. We trap the wasp with a net, and scoot it into the water, and drown it. So Hailey went slowly preparing for attack...the wasp sat oblivious to the terror that was about to happen...and then she swooped down...the wasp took off like a rocket towards us. We dropped our nets screaming and running to the opposite side of the pool. The wasp was not happy with our plans to kill him. He continued to stock us throughout the rest of the time we cleaned the pool.
Another fun moment... today there was a large group who went swimming while I was cleaning the upper pool. There was a guy from Africa who did not know how to swim. They were all teaching him. It was funny and cool at the same time. He was pretty good by the end of it.
Anyway this busy bee has to jet. I hope I caught you up. Love ya all! Toodles!

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