Saturday, May 16, 2009

Another day in the sun...

Waking up early again...was wonderful. I cleaned the pool this morning! Meaning check the pH levels and chlorine and vacuuming it. What fun!
The rest of the day, they wanted me to get to know the I went ATVing. That was so sweet. We rode for an hour and man it was intense. We went off the roads and they had sweet paths that you could barely fit the ATV between 2 trees and I did it no problem every time. ha ha. Then at the end we took it riding through a mud hole. I was covered!
Then we went shooting with a 20 gage Shot Gun( I think I put that right). We shot clay pigeons and I hit 5/10. For a first time, not bad, I think. :)
Then we went swimming and the pool felt amazing. Dinner is in a half an hour and I swear I need to watch what I eat or I will get fat. The goal is to lose wait not gain.
Tomorrow is church, there is no singles ward sadly. It will be a family ward and it is Stake Conference. I wonder what it will be like.
Well I have to jet. Adios.


  1. ATVing I am so jealous!!!! And you got to shoot guns! Man that is so cool! So the job seems to be working out great! I love you!

  2. So how's the family ward? I created this blog a year ago. and this is the 2nd time i opened it. lol
    It's just that I don't have anything to type. I have a lot to say or talk about though. lol
    Anyway, that's so awesome. I want a job like that! It's like vacation, work, and paradise in one.
    Keep posting!

  3. Loved the update on the action in Adella's life! The Ping Pong story made me laugh! Keep us posted on how further ping pong games go.