Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Santa Claus is coming to town.

I love to see the temple! Ok... so I am big into making goals, I have had this one for a while. I want to do baptisms in as many as I can. The Salt Lake Temple is so pretty, I am so grateful to live close to a beautiful artwork of Heavenly Father.
I moved into my new home on Halloween of this year. My room is HUGE! Except not so huge once I put all my loveliness inside. My oh so sweet roommate decided to start a fire in our fireplace, now my room stinks to high heaven. Smoke smoke smoke. Apparently our chimney is not as cleared out as she thought.

As you can see below there is a sweet awesome Nativity Scene. I attended a nice breakfast with Jenny and Kyle Swingle, we had to make a Nativity out of play-doh! Ours was by far the best. Later that day Jenny and I played some racquetball, I haven't played in awhile. I forgot how much I like it. But sadly...she definitely kicked my booty.

Have you ever missed your childhood, well if that is the case... make a fort! Childhood memories were the best. Imagine having no worries, you could be running through a jungle, flying on the back of a unicorn, or even being a damsel in distress hoping her True Love would come and save her.
Although being a little childish is fun, sometimes you have to grow up and smell the sunshine... this is why I have another job. I picked up another nanny job on Thursdays. Two kids 7 and 13. I am learning you can't get adult worries get you down. The lord is always with you. If you focus too much on mistakes or what you are afraid of, you get no where.
Today is Wednesday... and Saturday I will be coming home to the land of California. Oh how I love it so. Are you all excited to have me back? Amber gets married on the 29th! Crazy! My little sister is growing up.
I worked out last night... and I am use to working out my legs, but I never really do my arms because I have no upper body strength...well I did last night. Let me tell you, my upper body is aching. Dad i keep on trying to think... "Pain is your friend" ... but holding a baby with sore arms, ha ha kind of difficult.
Christmas Season is definitely upon us! Celebrating Jesus Christs birth, Christmas Eve, Roast Beef Sandwichs, Santa is coming, Candy Plates, Stuffed Stockings, and best of all Family Bonding! My family I love them a ton a ton. If any of you think you can beat me at golden eye 007 or mario kart, GIVE ME PEACH and I take you all on!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Turning over a new leaf!

Alrighty!! I am turning over a new leaf and getting back into this. I want people to be able to know what I am up to these days. I go through many adventures. :)

The last time I wrote this was in May. Since them my life has taken roller coaster ride in different directions.

I now am living in Sugar House, UT. A little cute town right outside of Salt Lake City. So close indeed that my mailing address is Salt Lake City. Speaking of mailing address if any of you want to honor me with a letter just because you love me and I love mail. Just go for it. Just say hi, and sign your name. :) 1501 S 1300 E
Salt Lake City, UT 84105
All I am saying, if you are sitting in front of the TV and you are just thinking about me....pull out a piece of paper, jot down a few lines.... bonda bing bonda boom! Ta DA, a letter for Adella is in the mail. If you would like a letter returned to you, make sure to put a return address. :)

The adventures of Adella... start off with the joy of little boy's laughter as I wipe left over spaghetti sauce off of 2 year old Finn's face. Then the smell of a raunchy dirty diaper from the most precious Harper. I do not know how a little girl could produce that kind of smell. In the words of Jonathan Pierce, "Girls DO NOT poop!" News flash Jonathan this little girl poops like there is no tomorrow. If you haven't guessed, YEP, Miss Adella Frederick is a NANNY!! I love being around Finn and Harper they are just so cute. When Finn doesn't want to do something, he always pulls his famous line.... "But, I love you!" It makes me giggle, he knows how to work it. They have a dog named Maxie, and he is well trained. When the kids are all tucked in and sleeping, in Harper's case snoring, Maxie takes that as his time to get the attention. I sit on the couch and he continues to put his paw up trying to shake. .. and then proceeds to lay on his back trying to get me to rub his tummy.

I live in a house with 3 other girls. We do not see eachother often because our schedules are opposite hours. I live upstairs and have my own room with 2 closets! Did you hear me? I have 2 closets I AM SO EXCITED!! ha ha. And to answer your questions, I even brought my parents furniture along with me. Those who have known me for a you remember the burnt orange floral bring couch and chair, yep they are in my living room!!

Another adventures, I have recently made quite the amount of goals....and accomplishing them.

1st goal: I will not being eating sweets or have fast food until January 1st. There are exceptions... Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day. I have been doing this for about 3 weeks now. Boom Baby! I have hung out at fast food places and stayed strong. I have been around sweets and been offered sweets and I stand strong. :)

2nd goal: Getting back in shape. . . so... with the help of my wonderful parents( early Christmas Gift), I have joined 24 Hour Fitness. They have cycling classes I will be attending and Zumba. You wonder what Zumba is? Well... let me tell you! :) Latin Hip-Hop.... I will learn to have sweet moves, and tone myself. yeah yeah yeah.

3rd goal: Finishing up school and moving forward. I will be reattending LDSBC in January and getting it done!!

Well there is much more for my excited life, I hope to keep it up and keeping filling you all in.