Saturday, May 16, 2009

And the Adventures begin...

Due to me not having cell phone service... I decided to make a blog. Instead of emailing tons of people or facebooking them and telling them about my many adventures, you can look at it here.

Also I will add picture when I get the chance. But I don't have a whole lot of time on hand, so it might take me some time.

My address here is
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 5547
Mount Carmel, UT 84755

I am living in a dorm room behind the pool house. There are 4 bunk beds and 2 single beds in it. I have only a tiny space, and it forces me to be neat, kind of like boot camp style housing. I have been here 3 days and my place is still tidy, go figure. We are required to have our place clean. Ha ha. I know me clean, this will be fun.
Yesterday was my first day of work. I woke up at 6:45 am; surprisingly before my alarm at 7am. Do you want to know why? I will tell you. The sun came through the window and woke me up. So I woke up not in a bad mood, it was me naturally waking up. It was nice. Although I think sharing a wall with the men's bathroom could help with the noise of doors slamming shut. ha ha.

Breakfast is at 8am and then we started at 9am. We got cracking pretty quick. I loved every bit of it. I have to help keep the pool clean. It takes a lot of work. Then we had to make phone calls trying to get our system working for the restaurant. I will also be a host for most of next week. Starting next Tuesday I am at the front desk for 3 days, me being the friendly greeter as our guests arrive.
I went horseback riding. That was awesome. I think I could be a professional. I am pretty sure I am getting tan as the days go on. ha ha. Guess what the best part is? I mentioned on the ride that my favorite part of high school was singing the anthemn at the games and low and behold...they asked me right there if I would be willing to sing the National Anthemn at a couple of the Rodeos they have every Saturday. They have been asking other people to do it but they are always hestiant. I said of course. Ping pong skills came with me to Ponderosa. :) This guy said he was the resort champion...and I beat him. Now there is all this hype about the girl who kicked Tony's butt. Yep that's me! ha ha. Accept we played another game and he beat me, so I calm down my pride. We have a ping pong tournament and pool tournament scheduled. I had a really lucky game of pool and now they think I am good, but I am really not.
But i worked hard core yesterday from 9am- 7pm. My feet hurt a little bit. I had to make a schedule and show my computer skills. Apparently they still like me which is a good sign.I am making friends quickly. There are 20 fireman in their early 20's staying at the resort right now! ha ha so it has been fun. We had a campfire last night and I quizzed everyone on their Disney Trivia. Surprisingly there were a couple of guys who could own at Disney Trivia.
Anyway that was my first day. I am having a blast and learning the ropes.

Oh and I have cell service only when I go into town for church. So if you call or text I may be able to respond on Sundays. If I don't... I do not hate you...I am just a busy girl.


  1. Hey Adella....It's like High School Musical 2! Except you have rodeos instead of Talent shows! Sounds like you are having a blast! Thanks for the updates!

  2. That sounds so cool! I am so glad that you are having a blast! You are awesome!