Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Attacked by a Bedframe!

Alrighty so life just keeps getting better. In order to do errands we had to drive it to St. George. I was able to enjoy In and Out, and a mango madness smoothie that was amazing!
I worked my second night as hostess and it went smoothly, thank goodness.
So last night was my first night with hanging out with the locals. They play basketball every tuesday and thursday night, it was enjoyable. Except usually here the guys all play and the girls just cheer them on. So lame! So a few of us girls would play our own game into their games. Their idea of going to get food late at night(unlike us which is iHop or Village Inn) is to drive 30 minutes to a gas station and buy food there. Interesting. Also their idea of fun is "Bunny Bashing" where you take a big truck with lights and park it in a field. Then you take golf clubs and attempt to chase the bunnies and bash them. Apparently it is quite difficult. I don't think I would be able to do that cruel act. Ha ha, but they come up with interesting fun activities. They are all cowboys with big trucks.
This morning I was getting ready for work minding my own business. There is a full size bed frame leaning up against the wall by my bed. Well let's just say it fell on me. It slammed into my back and shoulders. At this moment I sit at my desk with a bag of ice and meds in me. It got me pretty good. I am pretty sure I will have a massive bruise.
Oh and I played Toni another game of ping pong. Right now we are 2 and 2. I am curious on who will win the tie breaker. We both get way intense into it, and the guests enjoy watching us. We are their entertainment. :)
Well I better get going, so I can sit here and complain about my pain, ha ha.
Oh one more thing, I am now a nanny for the resort owner. She has 4 year old quadruplets. I watched them yesterday for a bit. They are so cute, and they warmed up to me real fast. I get to drive them on their Rhino(nice atv) all around the resort to show them the horses and the petting zoo. We went on the swings yesterday and got ice cream. I nanny on my free time during the day. It is pretty sweet.

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  1. Only the guys play basketball! WEll jump in there! It is not like a frederick to stay on the sidelines! :) I laughed my head off when i read that a bedframe fell on you, Adella man that bedframe must really not like you. As for the nannying thing, that is cool you should have a great time with that!