Friday, January 29, 2010

Adventure after Adventure

I sit here upon this BEAUTIFUL forest gump green couch! Yes you heard me fellow readers, we have a couch and it is a corner seat couch! All I am saying is LUXURIOUS! boom Baby!

But mind you, I did not get rid of the BURNT orange floral print loveseat and chair my mother so graciously gave me. These still remain attached to me at the hip. Yes mother, I still treasure them.

My adventures have taken flight right off the bat as soon as I came back to Salt Lake City. School has began. Let me tell you, get in the swing of things, trying to remember how to study, and how to not put off homework quite the task. I am doing it though! Thumbs up for me. I do like my classes quite a lot. Philosophy is most intriguing. Really knocks at your brain, gets you to see other opinions. I love seeing a bunch of old friends and making new friends. Everyday I get to see a new smiling face. During classes I study in the commons room, and well all those who know me... realizes what catches my attention first. In the back of the commons room, there is a glorious skinny table with a flimsy net that cut right down the center. You all know what it is? The Ping Pong Table. The feeling of "So we meet again," races through my body. I just love sitting there waiting for a worthy opponent to step up to the plate. They look at me and think oh a girl, Easy win. I laugh loudly to myself so no one can hear... play easy at first, then CONQUER! Although recently I have been can't win everytime. I absolutely LOVE ping pong. There is something about it that just makes me stop thinking and just concentrate on the game, the way you move your paddle back and forth, which corner to hit it to, how fast of an attack you want to shoot to the corner. Some get this thrill through dance, basketball, soccer, football; I choose singing and Ping Pong. Another moment of "So we meet again," when the lights are out in the Sacrament room, I use my persuasive skills :) to have Troy let me into the locked room so I can tickle the ivories on the Grand Piano. I am so Genius when it comes to the Piano, but it gives me a rush of emotion as I think of random words to put to the random noise I bang on the keys.

Now back to the beginning where I said I am sitting on this beautiful couch. I forgot to mention how lying in front of me is only the most wonderful system ever... yes ladies and gentlemen... it's a NINTENDO 64. Included with the games Mario Kart, Golden Eye, Perfect Dark, and so on. We have had some worthy competitors attempt to take me on at Mario Kart. Unfortunately they needed 3 of them to bring me down. Ha ha ha. We will see if anyone is able to knock me off my royalty position. I absolutely love having friends over and getting into the game and yelling at it or them or falling over dramatically as i take a loss. These bonding times are life's precious moments.

For those of you who don't know, I am no longer alone. I have a ROOMIE! Karaska Crow is the most radiant, lovely, kick butt roomie anyone could ask for. We are realizing how much we are a like. Which makes things quite lovely in our household. We both seek for crazy adventures and love GIDDY movies(we talk back to the tv a ton). It is nice to come home and find a smiling face just waiting for the next adventure. Today our adventure includes Temple baptisms, and maybe some thrift store hunting and IKEA! Who doesnt love IKEA?

On Sundays Karaska and I have started a BON APETITE group. Each sunday we do a dinner from a different country. Last sunday was Germany. Mom and Grandma I made you proud. Although i don't think most people are a fan of Saur Kraut as I am. Too tangy? ha ha. It's all good I ate enough for everyone. Next sunday is ITALIAN!
Thought of the DAY: I find it interesting that people run away from things they find out of their reach or things they are scared of. Sometimes I think people need to realize they can do it, if they set their mind in the right place. Satan is that tool that is adding the words CAN't, won't, Scared, afraid, or so on into your vocabulary. Why don't you try out the words like Yes, sure, okay, I can, I will. Come off conquerer. Whether it be showing off your talent, talking to an old friend, mending ties between a friend, on an adventure that is a little out of comfort zone. (The last one just make sure a lot of thought process is behind it. I don't want to hear of anyone jumping off a bridge just for the adventure). Every day we are given the chance to say something, to speak up what is on our mind, but we sit in silence. Why is this? I say sometimes we have to just take the leap and remember if we didnt try at all we failed indeed. If we take the leap at least we know the answer to what could've been.

I love you all and I just want my family to know I think about you all EVERYDAY! This weekend I get my sister and bro in law with me. I am grateful for the time they took to visit and just to bond with little ol me.

My adventures are only beginning, I have much more to come. It's time for me to strap on the seat belt because it's going to be a bumpy ride. But guess what world...... I'm ready!


  1. I'm so jealous of everyone involved. I wish I lived in SLC!

  2. Hey Just to let you know you so got slaughtered on MarioKart!! HaHa